Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountains Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute guru Amory Lovins is a household name in climate and sustainability circles. He’s renowned as a leader in super-efficient buildings, factories and vehicles. And he advocates for integrative design as the new normal for investments in energy efficiency that yield expanding rather than diminishing returns.

Next week Australians will get a chance to listen in live to an in-depth conversation he will have with Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity’s new chief executive Jarrod Leak as they discuss the options for Australia and globally to slash our energy consumption.

The event is part of a new phase of advocacy under the leadership of Mr Leak as he taps leading thinkers to help advance Australia’s energy efficiency landscape.

The live-streamed event, at 9 am on Thursday 18 June, is one of two webinars that will be free to access.

The previous day at 3 pm Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, will be in the spotlight to speak about the federal government’s approach to policy and programs for reliable energy and lower emissions.

He will be joined by Sanjiva de Silva and Chris Golding from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources with an introduction to the Technology Investment Roadmap and an update on the long-term emissions reduction strategy.

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