The NSW government has released a guide to solar finance and a heap of information on how to access solar energy and get a grip on battery storage.

Do we detect a bit of competitive spirit between the states going on here? Bless that power of sibling rivalry. The guide comes hot on the heels of South Australia shooting for the sun and wind, a clean and uber green reputation and collaborating with its capital city government. It also comes as Victoria turns up the dial on green and Queensland reverses its mad-crazy King Canute former government’s refusal to include sea level rises in planning rules.

Meanwhile, and less it escapes anyone’s attention, the solar buying guide also comes as the biggest King Canute of them all, the pals in Canberra show increasing signs of sunstroke from all the solar going up and are behaving in increasingly unstable and alarming ways.

While there’s not actually any extra funding available for solar from NSW (and we need to ask why not?) the Office of Environment and Heritage’s new guide is a tool to help people ask the right questions of those offering anything from buying to leasing options in solar.

Director Tom Grosskopf said the purpose of the guide was to “demystify the growing range of finance options for solar PV”.

(Note the key words here, “growing number”.)

NSW had more than 300,000 small scale solar investments – that’s 10.5 per cent of households and businesses, he said.

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