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23 January 2014 – Adelaide based Paul Davy and Deborah Davidson, who launched dsquared in September 2012, are on the search for their second full-time staffer to work in building simulation to assist on major projects.

Davy, speaking to The Fifth Estate on Thursday, said the new position would be to create modelling input into design projects.

“We’re especially using it for design input rather than verification. There’s a good shift we’ve seen happening in last couple of years. Rather than finishing the design and doing the modelling for verification, we’re doing it very early on to inform the design,” Davy said.

Other staff includes Ken Long, who is an environmentally sustainable development consultant, and is also secretary of the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network.

Davy’s outlook for the year is “busy”.

“Adelaide itself is quiet but we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy with everything from residential to master planning, commercial and industrial,” Davy said.

Key projects includes work on 4000 residential units and commercial space in the massive 30-hectare Bowden Village project master planned by Renewal SA, which has committed to 5 Star Green Star and is also registered for Green Star – Communities.

Local developers include River Gum and Rossdale for the residential component and Commercial & General and Mossop for the commercial.

Other projects include Cbus’ first development in Adelaide, the 22,000 sq m 50 Flinders Street which would be 5 Star Green Star and five star NABERS.

In Cairns the firm was consulting on the 20,000 sq m research facility for James Cook University, Science Place where a US LEED rating was being considered.

This article also appeared in News from the front desk: Issue 175

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