QUICK CHAT: Paul Davy of dsquared chats with The Green List about South Australia’s sustainability progress and how you can handle the heat this summer.

Good afternoon, Paul.
Good afternoon.

Let’s start with dsquared’s elevator pitch.
Alright. Well we’re an independent practice helping clients – architects, property developers, state governments, universities – reduce their climate impact in the built environment.

And how is demand for your work going? Have you noticed any trends in the market?
We started about seven years ago and business has been gradually increasing ever since. Over the past 12 to 18 months though, we have seen a greater increase in demand for the services that we’re offering.

Any aspect of your offering in particular?
We’ve seen a really dramatic shift of emphasis towards wellness recently – towards people, comfort, productivity.

Why do you think that is?
I think it’s a lot to do with, if you like, where the money is.

If you look at a typical corporate profile, maybe 90 per cent of a corporation’s recurrent costs are actually people driven, not infrastructure and energy.

So if you can make a 5 per cent saving in absenteeism and a 5 per cent increase in productivity, it’s a massive win. Whereas, a 5 per cent saving in energy efficiency, yeah, you know – whatever [laughs]. It doesn’t really impact on the bottom line that much.

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