Fleet of goget cars carpark
From GoGet: 
GoGet Carshare has launched an on-airport carshare service in Adelaide.  The carshare company, which has over 2,300 vehicles across Australia and more than 95,000 members, said it has taken this important step in creating a nationwide network of carshare-enabled airports because of demand from business and personal travellers keen to use carshare in different cities as soon as they land.
Adelaide will join Melbourne Airport’s on-airport service, which has experienced powerful growth since its inception less than a year ago.
“We have been hearing from a lot of people who want this, because carshare at the airport transforms the travel experience. Just walk off your plane and a few minutes later you are swiping into your GoGet car and driving straight out of the airport —no wait, no paperwork,” said Justin Passaportis, General Manager, South Australia for GoGet.
According to Passaportis, carshare fits South Australia’s ambitious transport innovation goals which have already seen the state leap ahead of other regions with respect to ground-breaking initiatives.   Adelaide Airport now has the most number of affordable transport options available to the traveller of any major airport in Australia.
Adelaide Airport welcomed the introduction of GoGet and said it would offer customers more ground transport options to and from the airport.
Passaportis said that carshare means never waiting in line to access a vehicle since the user books online or through an app and then self-accesses the vehicles which are waiting for them.
Five vehicles will be available from today with GoGet members able to book the vehicles in transit and gain access through their smart cards. The cars will be located in the airport car park behind the terminal multi-storey car park.

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