From The Guardian – 25 August 2009 – According to a new study from the US Naval Research Laboratory and NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies the world could shortly be headed for a new period of record high temperatures as solar activity picks up.

The work assesses the combined effects of Co2 emissions, solar forcings, El Nino and volcanic eruptions. It suggests that stable global average temperatures over the past seven years, relative to 1998’s warmest year on record, have been the product of the declining phase of the 11-year solar radiation cycle and weak El Nino activity blunting the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

As solar activity begins to intensify the authors forecast that the period 2009-2014 will see an average global temperature increase of 0.15C, 50 per cent greater than outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Such a rise in tandem with a strong El Nino episode as occurred in 1998 could see another record high temperature before solar activity decelerates from 2014-19. Read more >>>

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