re-loved buildings special report

The world is running out of natural resources that our built environment relies on. Yet we have growing needs to accommodate more people and more businesses.

The most sustainable buildings are the ones we already have.

How do we care for, maintain and creatively repurpose our most precious built environment assets?

Who are the developers, architects, and engineers doing the best work in this space? What’s the role of technology in energy, water & utilities?

Our special report on Re-loved buildings will profile some of the best Australia has to offer.

If you would like to feature your skills or project in this special report through advertising or partnered content, contact and ask for our media kit.

Got a great project to share?
If you’ve got a great retrofit case study or a project that shows off creative engineering or architecture, get in touch: or call (02) 808 42291

We expect to publish the final content by mid October.

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  1. Your article will need to deal with the “responsible heritage and conservation management dimension of this market and practice area. Avoiding costs to heritage significance – and the costs that disputes involve – need to be planned for, not band-aided after ill considered design hits a regulatory wall. There is too much angst in the press from those who should have known better and better advised their Clients! Anyway – you should talk with some REPUTABLE people from the conservation sector. Good luck, it could be a really helpful piece