Here’s your last chance to be part of our Re-loved Buildings Special Report

Our existing buildings are our most precious. Keeping them up to modern standards of comfort, well maintained, energy-efficient and optimally occupied is not only good for the environment but good for the bottom line.

But where to start? What buildings offer the best opportunities? What are the most creative solutions?

We’ve spoken to some of the best architects, engineers and consultants to create fabulous insights and helpful guides for how to work with older buildings and bring them back to life.

Here is a snapshot of some of the people we’ve spoken to so far: John Andreas – director and principal of WMK Architecture; Rachel Jackson – principal and director of GML Heritage consultants and co-convenor of the Australia ICOMOS National Scientific Committee on Energy and Sustainability; Elisha Long – director of Long Blackledge Architects and chair of the 2018 Australian Institute of Architects Judging Committee for the Heritage category; Phillip Lukin – Wilson Architects Associate; Jef Moons – architect; Luisa Manfredini – architect; Stanley Ouzas – eco designer; Grant Philipp – chief executive and co-founder of Office Hub; Craig Roussac, Buildings Alive; Tilman Thürmer –founder of architectural and design practice COORDINATION ASIA; Tone Wheeler – principal Environa; Dr Kimberley Wilson… with more to come.

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  1. This sounds great. Conservation and re-use of heritage buildings has been the focus of my work as an architect – working on projects ranging from converting Callan Park Mental Hospital to the Sydney College of the Arts and Eveleigh Carriage Workshops to the Carriageworks theatre and market but also huts in Kosciuszko, homesteads etc. Happy to provide info / input if you need more.

  2. when re-purposing buildings – consider budgeting and reserving a portion for homeless or social housing projects – this would really help community

  3. If you are focussing on non-residential, then speaking with someone in Renewal SA about Plant 4 at Bowden (former Clipsal factory) and The MAB at Tonsley (former Mitsubishi manufacturing plant) would be good … both are repurposed manufacturing buildings now used as community and collaboration spaces.

    1. Thanks for suggesting! We’re nearly at the end of the editorial component though but will keep this project in mind for possible future coverage.

  4. There are lots of code challenges with reuse and adaptation of existing buildings, particularly in the fire safety space. I have seen fire upgrade orders, or code compliance advice, to people trying to adapt, upgrade or reuse existing buildings that is overly restrictive and would essentially kill off a project. Many existing buildings simply cannot meet current prescriptive code provisions, and nor is there good reason for them to do so when we can do better than that. Reuse of existing buildings, and in particular heritage buildings, really needs a performance based approach starting with the question about how the building currently performs, not it’s compliance. There are great examples such as 50 Martin Place, 39 Hunter St, The Sydney Opera House, Stockland Head office, and so many more where this approach has led to great sustainable, outcomes.

  5. So how do you get involved? Need either an email address or link to respond to. Got two developers in Christchurch, NZ that would be great for this

  6. Not sure if this is of any interest, but see this (our home) featured by the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network for Sustainable House Day 2017.

    We bought this (OBE-awarded) architect designed home from 1956 for $1000 more than land value. There was only 1 other bidder at the auction – a developer.

    FYI about re-loving old buildings. This one is a cracker.

    Kind regards
    Melissa Hellwig, Adelaide