Matthew Trigg

18 June 2013 — Former national policy advisor for the Facility Management Association of Australia, Matthew Trigg, has taken on the position of policy and scrutiny officer with Westminster City Council in London.

Mr Trigg, who has also had roles as board member with Beyond Zero Emissions, director/principal consultant with MT Built Environment and smart cities project coordinator with the Australian Conservation Foundation, said he would be working as a non-political officer helping 60 councillors “hold the Cabinet, senior council officers and other relevant bodies to account, while also furthering the interests of the overall city”.

“Because of my past experience, education, I have been immediately allocated responsibility for supporting the Environment Committee – which includes most of the natural and built environment issues facing the city, and the Children’s and Community Services Committee – dealing with issues like schools, education, child poverty, community protection, sports, leisure and the arts.

“The governance process in really quite interesting and follows a similar model to the Federal government in Australia.

“Westminster is unlike anything we have back in Australia; a leading council containing the homes of the UK government, the British/Australian monarchy and so much more.

“All while having an average 30 per cent turnover in residents each year and one of the lowest council tax rates in the UK.”

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