National Arboretum, Canberra
National Arboretum, Canberra. Design T.C.L and TZG. Photography: John Gollings

A more sustainable National Arboretum

The best way to learn about Australia’s beautiful environment is to experience it up close and personal.

Canberra is looking for a design consultant to revamp the National Arboretum to accommodate rising visitor numbers while encouraging sustainable, future proofed development.

This project is the perfect opportunity for green designers to highlight Australia’s flora with sustainable infrastructure for thousands of visitors to enjoy.

The bid closes 23 April at 2:00 pm ACT — see more details here.

Revamping Marion’s Park

The heart of any community is its public parks. The City of Marion in South Australia is looking for help to upgrade the Dwyer Road Reserve in Oaklands Park.

Contractors will be able to plan and implement a new playground, recreational facilities, public art, integrated smart technology, civil works and landscaping. In addition, the selected contractor is in charge of environmental risk assessment and maintenance to ensure the reserve does not impact the environment.

This bid offers a unique design opportunity, particularly for green businesses that offer sustainable technology, innovative landscaping and maintenance ideas and a desire to encourage sustainable communities.

Bids close 28 April at 2:00 pm ACT — Learn more here.

Geoscience Australia Satellite System

Geoscience Australia is looking for help building the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network, an operational satellite based augmentation system in Australia and New Zealand. The network can be utilised for agriculture, construction and resources amongst other purposes with a decimetre accuracy.

The proposed timeframe requires a signal in space within the first year of the contract and improved services between one and four years.

The tender closes on 10 June at 3:00 pm ACT — Learn more here.

Engineering support for Tassie national parks

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is hoping to assemble a board of engineers to assist with any kind of engineering work in Tassie’s beautiful national parks.

Maintaining national parks is a massive undertaking, one the Parks and Wildlife Service cannot manage alone. It is up to a team of dedicated engineers to ensure safety measures and maintenance so people across the country can experience all of the beauty Tassie nature has to offer.

Consulting engineers will be expected on short notice to assist with duties including inspections, research, documentation and certification and engagement with other consultants.

The tender is proposed to open within April — stay informed on updates here.

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