The Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains. The council is looking for consultant to become “a leader in sustainable tourism". Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

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The ACT is getting serious about affordable housing.

The ACT Department of Environment is looking for community housing providers to become a part of its affordable housing construction in Giralang, Scullin, Taylor and Whitlam.

All tenderers must demonstrate a commitment to providing community housing spaces that are affordable and reduce whole-of-life costs for its residents.

All units must include high quality sustainable design, taking into account material types, waste and water management, landscaping, ACT climate accommodations, design quality, livability and adaptability.

Affordable housing is going to be key in making sustainable living more accessible for Australia’s growing population.

The tender is limited to registered community housing providers under the Community Housing Providers National Law (ACT).

Bids close 3 August 2020 at 2pm — learn more.

Queensland’s offset program

The Queensland Department of Environment is seeking an offset provider to identify, secure and manage project sites.

Environmental offsets are used to make up for harmful impacts, designed to offset the negative effects and create a net zero feedback.

The provider will also be responsible for monitoring the conservation benefits from offset projects to make sure each one is pulling its weight.

There are at least two required projects covering endangered and least concern regional ecosystems.

Other highly recommended projects include protecting threatened animals such as the koala and the black breasted water quail.

The tender closes 10 July at 11am — learn more.

Touring the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in NSW, and the local council hopes to keep it that way while still attracting visitors to the area.

The Blue Mountains City Council is looking for consultants to develop a new tourism strategy for the region, open to multiple agencies for the job.

The move comes in part due to the recent bushfires, which devastated local biodiversity and dealt a significant economic blow to the community.

By becoming “a leader in sustainable tourism,” the council hopes to create jobs, offer more education opportunities, and build a more resilient community.

This could be a great opportunity for ecotourism that showcases a famed World Heritage National Park and the region’s cultural history.

Bids close 15 July at 5pm — see more details here.

Wiley Park Ponds

Canterbury Bankstown is investing in its parks as the key to innovative and interactive design.

Wiley Park, located in the Wiley Park suburb outside Sydney, is in need of a lead design consultant to create a brand-new pond system for a high recreation community park.

The design will feature an upper and lower pond connected by cascades, all within a $1 million budget.

The council is looking to showcase “inspirational” small and emerging design practices.

This is a fabulous opportunity to bring out the best in Australian sustainable design that can be enjoyed by all ages.The tender closes 3 July at 2:30pm — find out more.

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