photo of an ORG recycling truck in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Organic Recycling Group has become the first waste service provider to be certified under GECA’s new Waste Collection Standard.

Created in collaboration with NABERS and the Better Building Partnership, the Waste Collection Standard was developed over the last two years along side “NABERS waste”.

It aims to promote best environmental practice in the industry, making requirements such as the prioritising of reuse and recycling, and “only working with companies operating downstream in the reuse and recycling chain that provide necessary assurances about recycling outcomes and a commitment to eliminating harmful environmental and social waste management practices”.

“The environmental consequences of waste production can be significant,” GECA says in its overview of the Waste Collection Services standard, “and major environmental loads, such as the production and release of methane (CH4) into the atmosphere and landfill leachate that can pollute waterways or stem from waste sent to landfill that could have been reused or recycled.

“This GECA standard is the first in a suite of waste standards GECA aims to develop in order to promote and reward best practice waste management.”

Jim McBurney, general manager at ORG, said the decision to have the company certified under the new Standard was a way to keep the quality of its service high and to convey this quality to customers.

“We believe the independent audit and certification will provide further assurances to our current and future clients,” Mr McBurney said at an event celebrating their certification last week. “[It shows] that our systems, processes and services are benchmarked to the standard developed.”

ORG currently operates exclusively in the Sydney area, working closely with individual clients to create specialised waste procedures and manage its collection. Although ORG collects waste from all streams, the company has a focus on organic materials, and can also offer training to clients’ employees on best waste management practices.

“The team at ORG are proud to be part of a business that is continually working to exceed our targets,” Mr McBurney said, “this standard has enable the team to have further confidence in our abilities to deliver leading waste management services to our clients.”

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Funding and support for the development of this Standard came from organisations such as the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the City of Sydney and the NSW Environment Protection Authority – a NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More Initiative funded from the Waste Levy.

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