How well do you know your waste streams? For many businesses it can come as a surprise what makes up waste streams from their buildings – whether it’s the volumes of day-to-day disposable items or the lifecycle of e-waste and furniture.

There has been renewed focus on stepping up sustainable performance of waste management in recent years, from the advantages to be gained by recycling and repurposing common items to overcoming barriers to large-scale office “defits”.

To further advance knowledge and awareness of best practice, The Fifth Estate has teamed up with the CitySwitch program to produce an ebook on Greening Office Waste & Recycling.

As part of a series of four ebooks under the theme of “Greening Your Office”, waste is the focus of the second ebook. The first ebook on Green ICT was published earlier this year and further titles will focus on procurement and energy efficiency.

Offering discussion and analysis of key topics in the area of commercial waste, along with in-depth case studies, the Greening Office Waste & Recycling eBook will be a valuable reference for both building owners, service providers, tenants and managers of facilities.

Teaming with CitySwitch makes sense given its focus improving the sustainable management of waste and material resources in buildings. It promotes amongst its signatories – some 740 of Australia’s leading corporate tenants – the benefits of improving NABERS ratings for energy and waste.

NABERS makes a number of helpful suggestions for companies wanting to understand more about, and improve upon the management of their waste streams:

  • Ensure you have a comprehensive procurement strategy
  • Integrate a waste management plan into your office
  • Communicate with staff
  • Negotiate with suppliers regarding the requirements for recycling
  • Provide plans for problematic waste items such as toner cartridges, fluorescent lamps, batteries, mobile phones, electronic equipment, commingled recyclables and organic waste

There are numerous opportunities for suppliers and other organisations to appear in the Greening Office Waste & Recycling ebook. If you would like be part of it, contact Paula Wallace on 0404 088 501 before 31 December 2015. The ebook is due to be published in February 2016.

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  1. We are a sustainability consultancy focused on waste. Great Forest Australia works with numerous office buildings and their tenancies across Australia to assist them with reducing waste and managing their recycling systems more effectively. It’s great to see 5th Estate and CitySwitch come up with this initiative and we would definitely be interested in being part of your ebook. Please contact me if there is an opportunity for us to contribute. Cheers Peter