2 December 2013 — Defence Housing Australia’s newest residential development is their first to be awarded Urban Development Institute Australia’s EnviroDevelopment certification.

The development, AE2, is located in Ermington, five kilometres east of Parramatta CBD in Sydney.

The 21.3 hectare masterplanned community has ticked off all six of the EnviroDevelopment boxes – ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water and community.

DHA managing director Peter Howman said environmental impact and cost-effective amenity options for residents were considered equally as important as the bricks and mortar.

“We are immensely proud of the planning and thought that has gone into AE2 from start to finish,” Mr Howman said. “We wanted to provide buyers with an inner-city community option; one that had minimal impact on the environment, encourages safe, healthy and active lifestyles and results in lower household energy and water costs.

“At DHA we strive to be innovative in our approach to building not just houses but communities. We’re committed to making our residential developments suitable not just for the community today, but for those of the future and that’s what we’ve done here with AE2.”

Each individual dwelling at AE2 will incorporate a 2000-litre rainwater tank for toilet, washing machine and irrigation purposes, while upper levels on all double-storey dwellings will utilise lightweight materials to reduce the embodied energy of the external fabric.

“DHA truly understand what it takes to create an environmentally sustainable community and have done an outstanding job to translate their vision of an ‘inner-city village’ into a reality,” said national EnviroDevelopment chair Brent Thomas.

“They have been careful to provide a community that not only adopts sustainable practices, but also sits well within the natural surroundings. DHA has created a high-quality development that complements the ‘village character’ and provides a diverse and visually interesting public space.”

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  1. Interested to know what paints they will be using, as there are now paints usd by the US Government, for the Pentagon and CIA buildings that are 100% Non toxic.
    Mythic Paint which is available in Australia, and soon to be manufactured here also.

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