Breezes Muirhead

Breezes Muirhead, a residential community developed by Defence Housing Australia and Investa, is soon to be home to Darwin’s largest solar PV installation installation in a single suburb.

More than 75 homes will be built by PTM Group and Ri-con Construction each featuring a 4.5kW system, creating a 337 kilowatt “solar suburb”. The solar systems will also be wifi-enabled, so Defence members can monitor electricity generation live via a smartphone app and website. Additionally, all new homes will feature electric-vehicle-charging points in garages.

“We want our communities to leave a positive legacy both socially and environmentally,” DHA managing director Peter Howman said. “This new technology will produce a collective 600,000 kWh of energy per year and save the home owners more than $2000 on their annual bills. It is calculated that the systems could cut the electricity bills of Defence members by more than 70 per cent.”

Over the system life, the cost savings have been estimated at $4.125 million in electricity costs, and avoid generation of over 8.35 million tonnes of CO2.

“In addition to the environmental benefits, the technology and installation will reduce construction times and improve site safety,” Mr Howman said.