22 March 2013 — Understanding how architecture, art and design can make a key contribution to the improvement of health and wellbeing for individuals, communities and broader society, is the role of a new research and innovation cluster at the University of South Australia.

The Art & Design of Health & Wellbeing Cluster will bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers from diverse backgrounds to look at the therapeutic benefits of art, music and design.

Former premier of South Australia, Dr Lynn Arnold, who launched the cluster, said health and wellbeing were influenced by more than just clinical and pharmaceutical intervention.

“The potential benefits that art and design can provide for mental health, pain management, community development and many other areas are only now being appreciated.

“The research undertaken by UniSA will provide valuable insights into the significant contribution that art and design can and do make to the health and wellbeing of our communities, and to us as individuals.”

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