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As we head into a nice Easter break, we’d love it if you could spare some time to think about supporting our work. We need the help because as you know, keeping a small independent publisher in business is all about shoestring budgets. And there is so much we want to cover. And need to cover. But shoestrings don’t seem to quite do it! We know our readers expect professional writing and that’s our promise to deliver.
Here’s the place to become a member of The Fifth Estate.

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You might also think about advertising with us, if that’s something in your ballpark. Either through display ads or partnered content, which typically gets great hits. We write it for you so we make sure it will! Get in touch with us here:

Jobs board is a great place to find someone

One thing everyone seems to need right now is people, people, people. Labour is scarce and talent is in high demand.
Advertise on our jobs board and catch the eye of good talent that isn’t necessarily looking for a new job.
Check out the most recent job ad, from Hip V Hype.


Here’s a heads up: we’re well into planning for two events this year.
Urban Greening on 28 July and Tomorrowland in October.
Details soon, but we’re thrilled that for Urban Greening we will be collaborating with three giants of the industry for this –the University of Technology Sydney, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and the Living Futures Institute.
Wait till you see the program and lineup!
Again it’s Abdul you need to speak to for sponsorship or advertising in the ebooks and for editorial send a note to Andrew who will manage content at editorial@andrew-sadauskas

And then there is our sister site The Green List.

This is our commercial directory/magazine. It works like a normal directory except we write a well crafted article around your business or organisation that captures your unique sustainability offering and a bit about your passion for embarking on the sustainability journey. It’s an introduction of you to your future clients. In other words we do much of the research and short listing for them!
But let’s be clear, it’s not a rating site; we simply need to see and understand you’re on the journey to better and greener.
The length of the articles depend on your chosen level of exposure. But you’re then in the directory in a useful searchable format that makes it easy for your future customers and stakeholders to find you and work out if you’re a match! Yes, we’re a kind of match-maker.
Then we put you in front of the 60,000 people who read The Fifth Estate each month both on the website and the newsletter. These readers happen to be Australia’s most engaged and influential audience in sustainability. So you know you’re in good hands.
But there’s more, once you become a Greenlister, we want to hear about any interesting business moves you make, such as an expansion, new staff members, awards or even an interesting observation about your patch. More likely than not it will end up in our Green List newsletter. Get in touch with our Green List Guru, Rose here,
And as it’s Easter you probably want to take a look at our Green List article on how to select environmentally sustainable socially ethical chocolate for your treats this lovely long weekend.

Enjoy! And remember The Fifth Estate in your downtime.

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