One month into Bali’s ban of single use plastics 
A Bali Beach littered with rubbush. Photo: Gus Greeper on Flickr

The Balinese government has outlawed single use plastics in the wake of a rising rubbish problem. Governor I Wayan Koster announced the ban last month, stating there would be serious penalties for noncompliance following a six month grace period.

The legislation aims to reduce the heavy marine pollution that plagues Bali’s shores. It will do so by targeting the producers and distributors of single use plastics in the region.

“They must substitute plastics with other materials,” Koster told tribunnews. “If they disobey, we will take action, like not extending their business permit.”

The ban will affect products such as plastic bags, styrofoam and plastic straws that have been washing en mass onto the shores of Bali’s south-west coast for decades. The goal is to reduce this pollution in Bali’s oceans and rivers by as much as 70 per cent in the coming years.

Particulars of the ban, including specific rewards and penalties are still under the discussion of the governor’s team, which is made up of regional officials, academics, NGO’s, businesses, and religious figures.

As it stands, tides and winds continue to cover the island’s popular beaches in the unsightly rubbish every year between December and March.

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