An office tower in the heart of Sydney’s CBD is saving $20,000 a year in waste costs with a new food dehydrator that will turn the building’s waste into fertiliser to grow food.

The food dehydrator provided by Enrich360 in Grosvenor Place has already managed to save more than 10 tonnes of discarded food in its first three months of operation.

The machine is the size of a van and lives in the basement, where it turns food scraps from the community into an odourless powder that’s rich in nutrients and nitrogen. The fertiliser goes back to the farm to grow food.

It’s a good option for office buildings because composting is not an option in the middle of the CBD.

 “We save on the bills to the tune of $20,000 a year in waste costs, plus we save on the environment by diverting literally thousands of kilograms from landfill and producing a useful, regenerated product to put back to use in agriculture,” Grosvenor Place executive director John Derrick said.

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  1. So how does transporting dehydrated food waste to a farm go in relation to the EPA requirements for licences for the receipt and transport of waste? It may sound like a good idea but does it comply with all regulations?