Changes to the City of Liverpool’s planning rules will see the central business district “revitalised” with 10,000 new residential units, and the construction of new shops and offices.

NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes approved changes to planning rules yesterday in a bid to redevelop the central business district into a “modern metropolis alive with activity”.

The changes include redeveloping approximately 242,000 square metres of the city centre, situated 32 kilometres from Sydney CBD, by rezoning commercial areas – such as those around the railway station, bus interchange, hospital, education precincts and Macquarie Mall – for mixed-use development.

The revitalisation plans, which were passed through the Department of Planning and Environment’s Gateway process on Tuesday, are now being prepared for public exhibition.

The city has been focused on regenerating its CBD for several years, and is already working on expanding Bigge Park.

It is hoped that the changes will make Liverpool a “key regional city centre for NSW”.

“This new vision will help create 10,000 new residential units and an extra 22,000 jobs in the city centre, boosting the local and regional economy,” Mr Stokes said.

“Liverpool is on the cusp of an exciting new era for southwest Sydney, with Badgerys Creek airport driving new jobs into the area. These plans will transform its CBD into a modern metropolis alive with activity.”

Member for Holsworthy Melanie Gibbons and Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies welcomed Liverpool’s revitalisation plans reaching the next stage.

“This plan will help cement Liverpool’s status as a key regional city centre for NSW, and I’m pleased the community will help shape the city’s CBD,” Ms Gibbons said.

Ms Davies said: “Liverpool is a key city centre for our community and I’m pleased to see the NSW Government helping to deliver this exciting new vision.”

Liverpool City Mayor Ned Mannoun also welcomed the move, saying the changes are “based upon extensive international research on how to create vibrant cities that really benefit the community”.

“I look forward to the day when we will see a bright new city centre alive with people enjoying new shops, residences and entertainment, and I commend the Planning Minister for encouraging Liverpool’s revitalisation,” he said.

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