250 City Road

A high-rise apartment in London is set to become one of the world’s most cycle-friendly, with one bike parking space per bedroom – a total of 1483 spaces to only 200 car spots.

The 32- and 46-storey double skyscraper development, Foster + Partners’ 250 City Road, will also feature dedicated bike lifts and a bike workshop, according to Dezeen.

The amount of cycling spaces were initially developed in accordance with draft guidelines from Transport for London, which notes a “cultural shift” towards cycling.

“Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such,” the guidelines state.

Under these guidelines 1223 spaces would be needed for the 130,600 square metre development, however the local council insisted on more, boosting it up to 1483, effectively one space for every bedroom.

“It’s a figure that spectacularly reflects changing attitudes to cycling in London,” said London Mayor’s Design Advisory Group member Peter Murray. “It represents a big shift in London. All new developments have to meet the requirements, but since this is a tall and dense project the impact and scale is impressive.”

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