The City of Copenhagen in Denmark is implementing a plan to make one of its shoreline suburbs climate change resilient

The design by Tredje Natur aims to reduce the impact of heavy rain and storm surges, and to mitigate the inadequate existing stormwater system in a cost-effective way.

The project,, will see a roundabout in the centre of St Kjeld’s Neighbourhood in Østerbro redeveloped with grass-covered hillocks to improve storm water management and add more green space. Seven streets converge at the roundabout, and these will have their amount of asphalt reduced and raised cycle and pedestrian paths added. During a heavy rainfall event, the roads then become stormwater canals that will direct water to the ocean.

The city also plans to develop small rain gardens, water towers to store harvested rainwater and green courtyards that have the dual purpose of urban beautification and retention of stormwater.

Copenhagen mayor, Ayfer Baykal, has said this is the first suburb in Denmark, and possibly the world, to be specifically redesigned for adaption to climate change.