More than half of Victorians drivers want to ditch petrol cars, according to a new survey by toll-road operator EastLink.

A quarter of respondents said they wanted an all-electric car and one-third said they were considering a hybrid, the survey of 15,000 drivers found.

 “EastLink’s survey shows that more than half of respondents are no longer considering a traditional petrol combustion engine for their next car,” EastLink spokesman Doug Spencer-Roy said.

 “That’s a massive change from traffic on our roads today, where the large majority of cars are powered by traditional petrol combustion engines.”

 The toll road operator’s media release also questioned whether Australia could now follow other countries in setting an end date to the sale of petrol/diesel cars.

 The main purpose of the survey, however, was to gauge attitudes to self-driving cars, with the majority of respondents saying they had very little or no knowledge.

 “With self-driving features such as lane keeping assistance and self-parking already available in the latest production cars from an increasing number of manufacturers and at lower price points, it’s clear that more and better information needs to be provided to Victorian motorists,” Mr Spencer-Roy said.

 More than half of respondents wanted lane keeping assistance in their next car (also known as highway autopilot), and one-third wanted hands-free driving on freeways. Close to 30 per cent were ready for a fully self-driving car on all roads.

 “Even though hands-free driving on our freeways and tollways is not yet available, the survey shows that one in three respondents already want this feature in their next car,” Mr Spencer-Roy said.

 “We expect this demand to grow further as awareness of self-driving cars increases.”

 Most respondents also wanted their cars to be able to connect to a data network to receive traffic and road condition warnings, and vehicle security and automatic emergency assistance.

 “With assistance from road operators, telecommunication providers and others, car manufacturers can deliver useful services to improve road safety and help motorists navigate congestion better.”