The Greens have launched a new mobile app that aims to make cycling safer by highlighting “chronic underinvestment” in cycling infrastructure.

The Bike Blackspot app, which was launched by Senator Janet Rice in Melbourne on Saturday, asks users to report potential improvements and danger zones to cycling infrastructure in local areas. This information is then forwarded to ministers responsible for transport infrastructure at state and federal levels of governmennt.

The reports will also be logged on a Bike Blackspot map and be collated and used by the Greens to campaign for better bike funding and fixes.

“Cyclists around Australia are fed up with being endangered, ignored and neglected by governments,” Ms Rice said.

“Last year, 45 Australians lost their lives while riding their bike. These are our brothers and sisters, our parents and children, our friends and neighbours.

“The Bike Blackspot app is a valuable tool to highlight riding danger spots and demonstrate where we need urgent investment to help prevent these unnecessary deaths.

“Using the mobile device in their pockets, bike riders can share their experiences of our nation’s Bike Blackspots directly with the Turnbull government and demonstrate why cycling funding is urgently needed.”

The app, which is available for both iPhones and Android phones, forms part of the Greens’ Bike Blackspots campaign, which seeks a “substantial and sustained commitment to cycling infrastructure across Australia from the Turnbull government”.

Find out more about the Bike Blackspot App.

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