Heart disease danger from office pollution

Squeezing out the gas-guzzlers – Sick of big, honking SUVs squeezing you out of parking spaces? It may be time to raise fuel taxes to discourage people who don’t need them from buying these pests. According to Treehugger, fuel economy has hit a plateau in the US because 58 per cent of passenger vehicles sold are now gas-guzzling SUVs and pick-up trucks. Critics are calling for an end to cheap gas. Read more

Smog is clogging arteries

Toying with the idea of improving air quality in your office? It’s worth it. A 10-year study published in The Lancet last week links exposure to air pollution with serious heart disease.

The US Environmental Protection Agency funded the study, which used CT scans to measure calcium deposits in the participants’ arteries over time, and it supports the case for global efforts of pollution reduction. Read more

On hearts, see also Each hour of sitting increases heart disease in The Independent

Ride sharing for the fringe

Shared cars and even self-driving cars don’t necessarily guarantee a world with less driving, according to GreenBiz. Ride-share company Lyft is urging cities to consider charging more for parking to discourage car trips.

Ride sharing could even be suitable for government subsidies in areas crying out for low-density mass transit. Read more

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