Most Australians think they’re doing the same or more than others regarding climate change.

12 February 2014 — Most Australians think they are doing more than others in response to climate change, according to CSIRO research.

The fourth CSIRO survey of Australian attitudes to climate change investigated the community’s projections of how their local climate might change in the future, and how they planned to respond.

The data obtained revealed that most people tended to overestimate the amount of actions they were taking to respond to climate change relative to other Australians.

“More than 90 per cent of respondents estimated they engaged in the same or more behaviours than other Australians,” the survey report stated.

“Less than seven per cent thought they did less than other Australians. Further, for those respondents engaging in relatively few behaviours, only 10 per cent thought they did less than the average Australian.”

While most people surveyed agreed climate change was happening, they remained divided about the role played by human activity.

Climate change also did not rank highly on a list of general concerns, down at number 14 behind health, the cost of living, employment, affordable housing and immigration.

On a list of environmental concerns it was also number seven out of eight, with the top three categories being water shortages, pollution and water quality.

CSIRO researcher Dr Zoe Leviston has provided commentary on the results in a piece for The Conversation.

See the survey results.

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