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The rise of sustainable urban infrastructure is set to continue, supported by state-of-the-art construction machinery and equipment. Projects and designs that were previously unthinkable are now a reality, and the sky is the limit. The role of architects and engineers has evolved, and they are now guided by cutting-edge science, computer-assisted modelling, GPS guidance systems and real-time visual feedback. Machinery manufacturers have also moved with the times in sync with technology to create strong, hard wearing and multifunctional machinery for wide-ranging applications.

The downside: it all comes at a cost. The latest gear and gizmos are expensive to purchase, and not everyone can splash the cash without checking the receipts. For most people, financial considerations are top priority when undertaking sustainable building or constructions projects. Builders, tradies, owner operators and other business-people all need to turn a profit for any project to be truly called sustainable. We all want to do a good job, and it makes no sense cutting corners, but shouldn’t sustainability translate to affordability? If sustainability is meant for everyone, how can we make it achieve ideal results on budget?

The secret is in sharing. Big results are usually due to good teamwork rather than just one person’s effort. Machinery, vehicles and equipment can cost big money to buy, but it is money most of us don’t need to spend, and the answer is equipment and machinery hire. The largest equipment hire services have grown to fill the need for cost-effective solutions to expensive problems. Some equipment hire companies have branches throughout Australia, enough equipment for huge construction and development projects, and plenty of experience in sustainable construction.

With sustainable equipment hire as a shared resource, small operators can complete large-scale projects, and large construction firms have quality machinery and equipment close at hand. It is well known that government machinery can remain unused between jobs, a scenario that savvy business owners and builders don’t want to emulate. It’s far more cost-effective to hire top quality and well-serviced equipment and machinery when it is needed than to try and purchase and maintain everything yourself. There is a tipping point for any business when equipment hire makes good financial sense, and sustainable equipment hire becomes a shared resource. Advantages include:

  • Avoiding the initial purchase cost
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs
  • No machinery value depreciation losses
  • Shielding business owners from market fluctuations
  • Sustainable project-specific equipment hire
  • No problem with storage issues
  • Simplifying transportation and logistics

Anyone familiar with the planning, development and construction of urban infrastructure will appreciate that the above advantages all add up to financial savings. Even government infrastructure projects rely on local hire branches to come to the rescue when machinery breaks down, with the benefits of hiring providing the leverage required to aim for sustainable results.

There are no shortage of ideas for sustainable urban infrastructure and development. There are ever-new methods and 

recyclable materials available for creating incredibly energy-efficient buildings and homes. However, if sustainable building and architecture is to become more than a niche market, it has to be on-budget and able to be duplicated on a large scale.

Sharing, rather than simply owning, is still the answer for getting more done while spending less. The real growth of equipment hire services shows that environmentally-friendly urban and regional projects are 

possible for forward thinking developers. The best and biggest equipment hire companies deliver heavy-duty machinery onsite, including large excavators, earthmoving machinery, road graders, water trucks, access mast and scissor lifts and everything else needed to style and personalise a project.

By hiring equipment, project vision can be dramatically expanded. Specialist equipment is available for every conceivable task, and almost any machine can be hired these days, so it is no surprise that talented and forward-thinking developers are still able to make very good money from their projects. However, the time is also now for sustainable developers to use the same opportunities for making a statement and showcasing a building style and approach that is high quality, environmentally friendly, accessible and affordable.

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