Optimising office space to drive efficiency

How EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor optimised energy efficiency and employee comfort levels at Sodexo APAC House.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor is part of the Apps, Analytics and Services portfolio of the Schneider Electric IoT enabled architecture: EcoStruxure Building.

Since its founding in 1966, Sodexo has established itself as a world leader in providing services that improve Quality of Life. The company’s growth in Asia-Pacific made it necessary to expand the APAC office to house both regional and local employees.

Combining Hardware and Heartware

In order to facilitate synergy and closer collaboration between local and regional teams, Sodexo sought to bring both offices closer to one another. This new office must accommodate more than 200 employees.

One of Sodexo’s diversity goals is to increase women in senior leadership to 40% by 2025, and the new office needs to reflect the company’s progressive work culture. With diversity in mind, Sodexo encourages flexibility to work remotely and personalized work-life balance arrangements. The office also needs to support a myriad of working styles such as hotdesking and flexible configuration with both social spaces and focus areas.

Creating this conducive office includes more than expansion of space. In the old office, there was also no visibility on energy consumption levels. The challenge is now for Sodexo to achieve workplace sustainability by optimizing energy savings while ensuring without compromising employee comfort levels.

Keeping their goals in mind, Sodexo sought a reliable partner – one who delivers cutting edge facilities management solution, centered around the importance of sustainability and wellbeing of its people.

The Solution

In September 2018, the company entered into a partnership with Schneider Electric to revamp Sodexo’s APAC office. Within a short five-month period, the Sodexo office was fitted with a comprehensive suite of smart technologies ready for operations by January 2019.

The project involves the deployment of Schneider Electric’s Building Management System and Building Advisor. These solutions target energy management, comfort management, and lifecycle service, all achieved through real-time data analytics.

Linking up more than 200 sensors, Sodexo’s office is equipped to provide intelligent insights, drive automated actions and send alerts to improve both efficiency and comfort. For example, VOC sensors trigger smart cleaning and allows for more efficient deployment of labor resources. The Workplace Advisor occupancy sensors monitor whether certain areas in the office are being used, to facilitate planning and configuration of desks.

These sensors lead to an overall more efficient use of space and electricity within the building. With the support of Schneider Electric’s technology, Sodexo achieved a 20% reduction in energy consumption since its opening.

Schneider Electric has provided Sodexo with a conducive work environment, where both energy efficiency and comfort levels are optimized. The office now serves as a live showcase for Sodexo’s own customers.

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