In this episode of our podcast How to Build a Better World, Tina Perinotto, our managing editor, was joined by Tim Hollo, the executive director of The Green Institute.

Tim’s background is fascinating. He was a political advisor to Christine Milne during the highly volatile Gillard-Rudd years, which arguably had the biggest impact on the climate agenda in Australia.

He’s also had a background in environmental activism, with many insights gained from his training in law, and the intriguing field of political theatre, where he learnt about some of our most deeply ingrained human traits.

Among those is that when it comes to politics, we humans activate the most primitive parts of our brains – the part that works on our fight or flight responses.

Now that goes a long way to explain the choices we make at the polling booths.

Tim has also spent a lot of time thinking about democracy and why it’s crumbling: he says the deliberate obfuscation of reality in pursuit of self-interest can be truly frightening, but there are remedies. He’s a great believer in the power of trust and close communication with the people closest to us – our community.

He has deep respect for the notion of political ecology, which challenges the dominant political theory over the last 100 years, which sees humans as separate from the natural world and each other. Although Darwinism has led us to believe that competition is the key to a species’ success, cooperation has been proven to be just as powerful.

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