Data from a global jobs listing site shows that Western Australia’s green job sector is currently outperforming every other state.

The jobs listing data from search site Indeed shows that the state had a 28 per cent share of overall jobs postings in Australia in the year ending in March, with the inflated figures attributed to WA’s dominance in the mining sector and status as the country’s biggest commodities exporter.

South Australia is now the second biggest hotspot for green jobs, which could be the result of major renewables projects such as SIMEC Energy Australia’s (majority owned by British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta) large battery going in at Port Augusta to support the new solar farm being built at the Whyalla steelworks.

Victoria is posting the third most green jobs, and Tasmania the least.

Australia’s green jobs sector is also currently bigger than in Canada, the US and the UK.

The data shows that in 2018, the green postings share in Australia was 40 per cent higher than the UK and almost 50 per cent higher than in the United States.

But this lead is narrowing as growth in Australia’s green jobs is slowing. 

Although green job listings are 22 per cent higher in Australia than in 2015, listings have dropped since its 2017 peak.

According to Indeed, Australian businesses and households are more environmentally conscious today than in the past, despite the drop in job postings.

The company also suspects that although there’s been political uncertainty on climate and energy policy, this might be encouraging industry to take the lead on building its environmental skillsets. 

Enduring consumer demand for rooftop solar market, supported by government rebates on solar installations, are also contributing to strong green job figures. In 2018, solar installers made up 4.6 per cent of all job postings record by the company 

It also emerged that environmental health officer is Australia’s most common green job at 26 per cent of all postings, followed by environment officer (15.7 per cent) and environment consultant (12.1 per cent).

Other top green jobs include environment scientists, water resources engineers, ecologists, environmental specialists and wastewater engineers.

The research involved identifying job titles containing terms like biofuel, sustainability, climate, energy, environmental, ecology, biodiversity and more. These jobs were then cleansed to identify job postings that were dedicated to environmental management or protection.

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