Artist's impression of high speed train.

The infrastructure boom shows no sign of slowing in Australia’s major capital cities, with the NSW Berejiklian government today (Thursday) promising a fast speed rail network to connect the CBD to at least four key regions within 300 kilometres of the city.

There are four lines proposed at this stage: A northern route going as far as Port Macquarie; a southern inland route going to Canberra; a western route going to Orange; and a southern coastal route going through Wollongong and as far as Nowra.

This is likely to be an extremely expensive exercise due to a number of “geographical challenges” in the way, as described optimistically by high-speed rail network expert Professor Andrew McNaughton who has been appointed to provide advice to the government on how best to deliver the network.

The new line from Sydney to Newcastle, for example, is estimated at upwards of $40 billion due to the amount of tunnelling that would be required.

The announcement comes ahead of a state election in March, but regardless of the outcome, it’s likely there will be some kind of activity in this space.

NSW Labor leader Michael Daley seems unconvinced in the government’s ability to pull off its ambitions, but plans to commit funding for a study to speed up the train transit time between Sydney and Melbourne if elected.

In Melbourne, in case you’d forgotten, the re-elected Andrew government went big on sustainability including public transport and promised a 90-kilometre underground suburban rail loop around Melbourne with a $50 billion price tag and ten-year timeline for completion.

So it looks like pastures are only getting greener for the engineers, manufacturers and construction companies involved in railway construction in Australia.

For the more immediate future, here’s our pick of the jobs this week:

Gippsland Water in Victoria currently has an opportunity for an Environment and Sustainability Coordinator to join the environment workgroup in Traralgon.

NSW Ports is looking for an Environment and Sustainability Coordinator for environmental, community and sustainability programs for the organisation and to provide advice and guidance on compliance with applicable legislation and environmental best practice. This is a 12-month maternity leave contract.

In Perth, the Mid West Ports Authority needs a new Sustainability Manager that has had at least six years of experience in mining, transport or relevant industry with “excellent knowledge of environmental legislation”.

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