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Photo: Alejandro Alvarez

SunRice is calling for a head of sustainability in a newly created role. You’ll need more than 10 years of experience, but it’ll probably need to be in the ag field (no pun intended); we’re not sure they’ll be putting solar on the silos yet.

Efficient Living Pty Ltd is looking for a sustainability / ESD consultant to be based in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches offering a salary of $80,000 – $100,000. Good to see business booming in the sunbelt.

The NSW Department of Planning is continuing its recent hunt for more staff with a search now for a sustainability coordinator for its property, fleet and facilities unit. 

And among the engineers there’s a outbreak of demand with Arup wants a new senior sustainability consultant based in Sydney.

Northrop looking for a sustainability group manager based in Sydney and Fuji Xerox wanting for an environment and sustainability specialist based in the Ryde. Arcadis too.

has also put up its hand for two sustainability consultants one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. 

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