NABERS headshots

The NABERS team is settling in with a new line-up to deal with a significant increase in workloads and new programs.

A statement from NABERS, which handles a range of environmental ratings for commercial buildings under the management of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, said that just since 1 July – when the threshold for mandatory ratings of offices to be sold or leased dropped from 2000 square metres to 1000 sq m – there had been a 40 per cent increase in ratings compared to the same time last year.

All up the team has certified 652 ratings since 1 July, with 113 of these in the new lower bandwidth of 1000-2000 sq m and 64 of these new to certification.

Stepping up to three newly created roles in the team are Alberta McAteer as head of creative content and strategy; previously head of training and accreditation, NABERS; Dennis Lee as head of technical standards, previously technical team leader, NABERS; and Andy Dunne as head of innovation and development, previously senior consultant, NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Joining the technical team are Robert Hughes, Nadine Wagstaff, Xiaofeng Li, Michelle Cheeseman and Erika Canuti.

New to the NABERS Waste Project are: Karinne Taylor and Astrid Neve.

Communications and marketing appointments include: Tessa Breakspear as communications officer; Katie Eyles as UX specialist; Simanjuntak Ahmad in program support; Monique Alfris as NABERS for apartment buildings project manager, previously cofounder Pollinate Energy (working in India); and Bessie Quansah as communications manager.

Recently departing NABERS as communications manager was Francis Roberson, now NSW Department of Industry senior project officer.

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  1. Congrats all round, and I’m looking forward to seeing the coming new programs and growing demand of NABERS ratings and resources. We’re hoping that the 1000 sq m threshold drop in mandatory ratings will keep really shaking some newly energy conscious owners and occupants out the bushes!