Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran has been elected as the new national president of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, replacing Cameron Shephard.

“With almost 30 years of experience within the development industry, across all Australian mainland states and territories, Mr Corcoran is ideally positioned to lead the Institute through its next phase of growth,” Mr Shephard said.

Mr Corcoran said the UDIA was Australia’s leading urban advocacy group.

“With a specific focus on servicing the urban development sector of the Australian property industry, the UDIA is working more effectively than ever on behalf of the industry and also for the benefit of the communities its members create,” he said.

Mr Corcoran said it was a particularly exciting time with the federal government and opposition committed to taking a “ strategic approach to future urban growth”.

“They understand the need to supply new housing, workplaces and retail development for our growing population, and they appreciate the key role of cities as an economic and lifestyle driver. There is also an increased appreciation of the importance of addressing the nation’s infrastructure backlog to cater for the growing population, and changing work practices and lifestyles.

“Now is a period for forward thinking and innovation, including thoughtful and sustainable urban design and infrastructure planning. It is my pleasure to be the president of an organisation that, for more than 50 years, has succeeded in supporting and stimulating its members to achieve outstanding results.”

Key policy and industry objectives over the next year, included:

  • Advocating for responsible state and federal tax reforms that stimulate supply and address the worsening affordability of new urban housing and development
  • Advocating for a strategic approach to city growth and urban policy
  • Advocating for the linking of federal government infrastructure funding to responsible state based infrastructure planning and development productivity
  • Increasing industry networking and knowledge sharing both nationally and globally
  • Better communicating the positive contribution that the urban development industry makes to Australia’s community and economy

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