Jonas Bengtsson

Jonas Bengtsson has been appointed chief executive of consultancy Edge Environment, following a move to restructure the company government structure after considerable growth that has seen the company triple in size over three years.

Edge Environment was co-founded in 2008 with Tom Davies, with both operating as joint-CEOs.

Now Bengtsson will take the operational reigns while Davies works to establish a board for the company and work with key clients.

Mr Bengtsson has been in the sustainability game in the private and public sectors for over a decade.

“We are always looking to give our clients an improved competitive edge, which going forward will mean more tools and solutions embedded in the organisations we work with, and less reliance on traditional consultancy services and advisory,” he said. ”I also look forward to continue strengthening the company’s position as a preferred place to work, steadily attracting staff like the ones we have today: impactful, experts in their fields and multi-faceted.”

As well as tripling in size over three years, new sectors have begun to sought Edge’s help, including telecommunications and bioenergy.

“Jonas’s new position is a reflection of the innovative thinking that has been at the forefront of Edge Environment’s meteoric growth,” innovation architect Nils Vesk said, who has worked with Edge on innovation strategies.

“The current business environment now more than ever needs savvy environmental strategies and I expect this new position will further accelerate the use of innovative environmental strategies across the business world.”

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