Jemma Green

Sustainability guru Jemma Green is running as an independent in the Perth City Council election to be held on 17 October.

If successful it will be another string for Ms Green’s already very full sustainability bow, which includes being research fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, board director at Future Super, an advisory board position with 1 Million Women, and managing director of The Green Enterprise consultancy.

“I am a proud and passionate advocate for our beautiful city,” Ms Green said. “Perth is evolving, and I believe that we need a dynamic council that evolves along with it, which is why I am running for a seat on Perth City Council.”

Ms Green, who is a regular media commentator, attended our Sustainability Salon for Perth and WA, which was turned into an ebook exploring the challenges and solutions for a more sustainable city and state.

Her solutions for Perth include advocating for a light rail system, prioritising active transport, appropriate development and place activation, sustainable building methods including modular construction, improving rates of rubbish recycling, encouraging knowledge-based and service jobs, using disused buildings for pop-up visiting research centres and centres of innovation, and supporting year-round tourism opportunities.

For more information, see Jemma’s campaign site.

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