Frankie Muskovic

Francesca Muskovic who joined the Property Council as its new policy manager – Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, after roles with NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, has some useful advice for women in the science, maths and engineering side of life. “Working hard will earn you respect, but you also need to take calculated risks and embrace the fear of successfully self-promoting in order to progress to senior roles,” she said in a recent publication by way of advice for emerging female leaders.

Ms Muskovic told  EcoGeneration in December last year that her observations on being in a male-dominated industry included the need to create positive reinforcement for girls to aspire to careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

“I support quotas in the short-term, to improve the balance at the executive level and to show women at any level within an organisation that they can aspire to those roles as well.”

Interestingly her new boss Ken Morrison, Property Council chief executive, told The Fifth Estate on Monday in an unrelated interview that a lunch on diversity at the organisation’s WA office was a smash hit last week, attracting more than 400 people. A year ago a similar event drew only 70 people, he said.

The success was a testament to the diversity committee the WA team had established, he said.

“It goes to show that that if you have a group of people who take an activist position it actually makes a difference. People get it, they understand the business case. It works.”

Ms Muskovic also previously worked at the Green Building Council of Australia and AECOM. She gradated from the University of New South Wales graduate with first class honours in aerospace engineering, specialising in aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.

At OEH she worked to drive the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the commercial sector including launching the NSW OEH online guides to financing solar PV for businesses and households, managing the energy department at the Green Building Council of Australia and volunteering with Engineers without Borders in India.

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  1. Congratulations to Francesca for this achievement. One of the smartest, kindest and most passionate people I have worked with. Can’t think of anyone better to help us make our industry more and more sustainable.

  2. Looking forward to Ms Muskovic making a positive contribution to sustainability via the Property Council. It would be great to see some progress on the retention of existing building fabric instead of always in the “not now” basket. As well as contributing to sustainability it would protect more of Australia’s rich architectural and cultural heritage instead of sending them to landfill.