Damien Moran at The Fifth Estate salon for WA, see https://fifthestate-launch.newspackstaging.com/tfe_ebooks/the-sustainability-salon-for-perth-and-wa

HFM Asset management’s Damien Moran started work last week in the company that he and some fellow investors have recently purchased.

The Perth based Energy-Tec has 30 staff with 20 in the field and the balance office based, Mr Moran told The Fifth Estate on Thursday.

He  said the company currently specialised in reading energy meters and reconciling billing for clients in the commercial building space, with capacity to expand the offering.

“We can do a whole lot more,” he said, electing to not discuss details for now.

Mr Moran expects to soon sell his shares in HFM Asset Management where he was a director with founder Ian Knox, joining the company as an employee 10 years ago.

Vendors at Energy-Tec are Peter Borowski and partner Paula Waters. Mr Moran said he was delighted that Mr Borowski who founded the company 23 years ago, would remain with the company in the foreseeable future and that there had been no staff movements since settlement was signed on 1 October.

He said there would be other new interests in the company but these were currently undisclosed.

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