• 2 days per week, flexible hours
  • Location: work from home. Melbourne or Sydney based is preferred, but open to role being based in other cities.

The Australian Passive House Association (APHA) seeks an enthusiastic candidate with excellent leadership and management skills and strong knowledge of Passive House Certification to perform a range of duties that will grow our organisation.

About the business

The Australian Passive House Association (APHA) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation which aims to promote Passive House Certification in Australia. Passive House is a way of providing superior indoor comfort and air quality while also dramatically reducing energy use and carbon emissions in buildings.

Further information about APHA and Passive House can be found here: www.passivehouseaustralia.org

About the role

As the Passive House movement in Australia gains momentum, there is a need for a CEO to drive strategic objectives.

The role of CEO of APHA will initially constitute a 2 day per week part-time role on a 6-month contract. Continuation of the role will be determined by the meeting of core objectives. 

Role & Responsibilities

  • Establish a pathway to ongoing financial viability of APHA, including securing ongoing funding for a strategic operating reserve. 
  • Strengthen, build on and diversify current sources of revenue, currently membership fees; events and product sales and training. Develop new service offerings and revenue streams for APHA.
  • Actively promote PH Certification in the Australian industry. Play a key role in educating the market and advocating for the increased take up of PH Certification. 
  • Stay informed about the number and type of certified Passive House projects delivered and in the pipeline.
  • Grow the membership base and strengthen the value proposition of being a member of APHA
  • Strong communication skills. Maintain appropriate records of activities and milestones and share successes via social media and marketing channels.
  • Inform the board on work in progress, make recommendations and provide direction for future work, and seek board guidance on key decisions and strategic direction. Produce written summary reports.
  • Represent APHA’s members interests in industry bodies and leverage extensive industry connections to advocate and influence decision makers to deliver PH Certified buildings.
  • Play an active role in attending and directing the activity of the volunteer working groups within APHA.

Desirable Attributes

  • Strong people skills: communication, networking, persuasion, advocacy and relationship management.
  • Leadership experience
  • Passion for sustainable buildings and Passive House Certification
  • Flexibility to work part time while completing a diverse range of activities
  • Strong organisational, administrative, and written communication skillsExperience managing finances and balancing
  • income and expenses. It is essential that the organisation maintains a strategic operating reserve sufficient to continue the provision of member services and conduct revenue generating activities (key among which is the South Pacific Passive House conference).

Please note you will be responsible for your own working environment and resources, including but not limited to a computer, Microsoft Office software and a reliable internet connection.

Submit your CV and covering letter including responses highlighting your suitability against numbered items 1-9 in the Role & Responsibilities section above and items 1-6 in the desirable attributes section by email to chairperson@passivehouseaustralia.org and admin@passivehouseaustralia.org

A full position description is available by emailing admin@passivehouseaustralia.org

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