Stockland is providing one more reason to make the transition to an electric vehicle, offering free charging for Tesla vehicles at 31 shopping centres across the country.

The $200,000 roll-out of Tesla Destination Chargers complements 17 free electric charge points already installed at 10 locations, which have been used 2000 times since 2015.

Stockland group executive and chief executive of commercial property John Schroder said just one hour of Tesla charging would provide up to 81 kilometres of travel.

The move is part of an innovation push Stockland hopes will increase customer loyalty in an increasingly tough and changing retail market.

“In the ever changing retail landscape, technology is increasingly critical to drive innovation, efficiency and engagement with our customers,” Mr Schroder said.

“We are excited to roll out these convenient facilities across our retail portfolio, allowing shoppers to plug in for free. We know EVs are part of the future and we look forward to offering more features like this to meet continuing Australian demand.”

Stockland has also been committing to solar installations on its shopping centre portfolio, helping to make EVs a greener option.

It has now invested $4.8 million solar for Shellharbour, Wetherill Park Green Hills and Nowra shopping centres in NSW, and has the most Green Star-rated properties in the country.

“We’re proud to be leading the sector in sustainability and investment in this type of infrastructure and renewable energy which is so important to the future of our shopping centres and cities,” Mr Schroder said.

Federal assistant minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy helped launch the initiative in Cammeray, Sydney last Friday, and said it was great to see two organisations partnering to expand low-emissions technologies.

Other technologies Stockland is investing in include “social robots” that can interact with customers and help with way-finding and welcoming.

“Our customers continue to demonstrate their desire for more innovative in-centre features, tech-integrated amenity and sustainability led initiatives to enhance their everyday shopping experience,” Mr Schroder said.

“It is integral that Australian shopping centres continue to evolve and adapt to retailer, customer and global demands.”

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  1. Sounds great BUT – if the charging outlets are powered with grid electricity then the emissions will be perhaps even greater than from a regular petrol/diesel car. EVs MUST only be powered renewably and I don’t think that any shopping centres are close to doing that yet?!