A six-storey multi-residential project in San Francisco’s Mission Creek District is set to be the city’s first Passive House-certified Net Zero energy apartment building that is also entirely off-grid.

Effectively, it will function as a microgrid, with onsite building-integrated solar photovoltaic panels, battery storage and energy management software developed by Growing Energy Labs that will enable the building to mimic a natural body in its energy use.

The developers of the building’s storage system, Honest Buildings, said the building would also be capable of connecting with other such systems, and with the local grid to aid in utility demand response power balancing and sharing.

The owners and developers of Sol-Lux Alpha, Lloyd Klein and John Sarter of Off The Grid Design have also engaged in a partnership with BMW that will see the auto firm’s electric vehicle car share program beta tested on the street outside the development.

The building has integrated EV charging giving residents of the four condominiums a zero-carbon transport option.

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