The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project

Western Australia’s land development agency LandCorp has unveiled its Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project, a sustainable and affordable housing product aimed at younger buyers.

The Gen Y House design came out of a 2013 competition held by LandCorp, which was won by architect David Barr.

The idea was to prioritise amenity, location and sustainability, while still remaining affordable.

Located in LandCorp’s WGV estate at White Gum Valley, the Gen Y project features three interlocking one-bedroom apartments all on a 250 square metre block. Each apartment is expected to sell for around $400,000, comparable to other similar-sized apartments in Fremantle, and below the median White Gum Valley house price of $700,000.

Much of the savings made will be through operational costs, with sustainable products, materials and design used, including climate responsive layout, water and energy performance monitoring, a shared underground rainwater tank and the use of shared solar power and battery storage technology to reduce grid energy use.

The property is expected to use 70 per cent less water than a typical Perth home and 60 per cent less grid energy.

The project also focuses on accessibility, with features including wider doors, and reduced thresholds and allowances for the installation of optional accessibility aids so the apartments are suitable for people of all levels of physical ability.

“The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project offers an innovative and unique housing option designed for 21st century living,” LandCorp chief executive Frank Marra said.

“Young first home buyers – the group we know as Generation Y – have taken a different approach when it comes to housing, and are looking for options that match their priorities and lifestyle.

“Amenity and location are important, as are diversity and sustainability. Their interests and aspirations are reshaping cities around the world, and being able to offer a solution that caters to this group of buyers and encourages the revitalisation of older neighbourhoods is something we’re very proud of.”

Mr Marra said one of LandCorp’s important roles was to “encourage and promote innovation”.

“The Gen Y Project is a fantastic example of the way architectural innovation can be used to inform industry and the broader community on the importance of sustainability, flexibility and diversity of design to creating practical, cost-effective and desirable homes for a new generation.”

Launch of Power Ledger

The Gen Y house also represents the Perth launch of blockchain-based residential electricity trading market Power Ledger, which allows users to sell solar power without going through their retailer.

“Residents in this development can now trade the electricity generated on their rooftop, and stored on batteries in their garage – without the need for an energy retailer,” co-founder and chair of Power Ledger Jemma Green said.

“Perth is leading the way in transforming the global renewable energy market.”

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