Photo: Troy Mortiet

Builders and land developers in Victoria can still apply for a $4000 rebate for achieving a 7 star home rating, on up to four properties, in a move to accelerate change in line with the proposed new NCC 2022 standards.

The $2.19 million scheme from Sustainability Victoria (SV), which first launched back in May also offers a training component for builders, tradespersons, and assessors to up-skill in the design, construction and as-built verification of 7-star homes.

A limited number of rebate spots remain available, with 22 businesses already signed on to take part, including Mirvac and Stockland.

The program requires builders to take a whole-of-home approach to energy efficiency beyond just the thermal envelope of a property. There is the chance to trial SV’s new design tool which incorporates the impact of appliance choice on overall energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and cost.

For the average four-person household, the savings from using energy-efficient appliances can be as much as $22,750 over the 25-year appliance life span according to SV, with the cost of upgrading appliances costing – by comparison with savings – a relatively negligible cost of around $1000 per appliance.

The 7 Star Homes program forms part of the Victorian Government’s $1.6 billion Clean Energy package to support the state cutting emissions by 28 to 33 per cent by 2025 and 45 to 50 per cent by 2030.

All homes in the program must be completed and inspected by December 2022.

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