Artist's impression of White Gum Valley

The first two lots at Western Australia’s first One Planet Living residential community have been released to market. 

WGV at White Gum Valley, located in Fremantle, is state development agency LandCorp’s “innovation through demonstration” project, which will eventually become home to 150 residents whose dwellings will see 60 per cent reductions in grid electricity use and 70 per cent reductions in mains water, compared with the Perth average.

The two lots released today include a 2227 square metre site for a two to four-storey apartment complex and a 1690sqm site for two to three-storey maisonettes.

Lands Minister Terry Redman said there was strong interest in the development from people who wanted to reap the rewards of living more sustainably.

“Since launching WGV almost two months ago, LandCorp has received an extraordinary volume of enquiries from home buyers, developers and industry bodies, all interested in being part of the development,” he said.

“WGV will feature cutting edge energy, water and climate-responsive design across its multi-dwelling and single home sites, an innovative demonstration housing project for gen Y home buyers and an open source website to share its lessons of sustainability and resource efficient building.”

The residential precinct will be developed on the former Kim Beazley School site. LandCorp is working with the Water Corporation, Curtin University and the City of Fremantle on the project.

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