5 August 2014 — BRIEF: Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland has become the first Australian airport to achieve level two accreditation under the international Airport Carbon Accreditation program, meaning it has committed to taking carbon management and minimisation actions.

The airport completed level one mapping last year, and has since undertaken a range of sustainability initiatives including investments in improving building design, installing low energy lighting and replacing the airport’s air conditioning system. The new system substantially reduces energy use through incorporating smart building technologies and state-of-the-art ceiling fans.

Airport management has also implemented waste reduction and recycling programs, water sensitive design, water usage reduction and water harvesting.

The next step will be level three optimisation, then the final stage, level four neutrality.

Acting mayor Chris Thompson said, “Sunshine Coast Council’s vision is to be Australia’s most sustainable region – green, vibrant, diverse. Sunshine Coast Airport is leading by example and playing a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions.

“We are proud of this achievement and embrace the world-wide recognition of our efforts. The airport still has more work to do, but is now well on its way towards achieving the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.”

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