NABERS goes to India

The Paharpur Business Centre in New Delhi has become the first building outside Australia to receive a NABERS Indoor Environment rating.

NABERS IE measures thermal comfort, lighting, air quality and acoustics, as well as controlled measurements of occupant satisfaction. The PBC received a four star rating, which translates to “very good indoor environment quality” on the NABERS scale.

The building was assessed by Dr Vyt Garnys, managing director of Melbourne-based consultancy CETEC, who has been travelling to India on trade missions for the Victorian government since 2010.

“Measurement of indoor environment quality in office buildings is now essential for modern competitive businesses,” Dr Garnys said. “Research has linked IEQ to occupant health and comfort. Investors realise the social responsibilities of sustainability.

“Being performance based, a NABERS IE rating provides proof that the technologies which have been implemented at PBC have been commissioned well, are being managed well, and are providing tangible benefits to its occupants in the form of a more comfortable and healthy workplace.”

CETEC’s Dr Vyt Garnys (right) awarding the NABERS IE rating to PBC’s Kamal Meattle.

The rating was presented to the chief executive of PBC, Kamal Meattle, with a certificate and commemorative plaque in the presence of a Counsellor from the Australian High Commission.

“This rating shows that the team at PBC understand that operating a truly sustainable building means not just minimising its impact on the environment, but also maximising the wellbeing of the people who occupy it,” director of the Metropolitan Branch at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Tom Grosskopf said.

“As the first NABERS Indoor Environment rating to be certified outside of Australia, this achievement also marks another positive milestone for collaboration between India and Australia. And where better to collaborate than in the area of sustainability – progress in which is so critical to the success of both our countries.”

This isn’t NABERS’ only export success, having been licensed to the New Zealand government in 2013.