The appointment of real estate agency Colliers to the sustainability boards of two important organisations in the space, NABERS and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), is yet more evidence that the business world is increasingly leaning green. In this case growing tenant engagement with building energy ratings and standards.

Led by Colliers’ newly appointed head of sustainability, Lisa Hinde, company representatives will work with the NABERS Accelerate program to help inform the development of Australia’s first industrial rating framework. 

As the sole agency appointed to the GBCA’s Early Access Green Star Performance Advisory Panel, they will also play an “intermediary” role uniting landlord and tenant perspectives to guide assets to net zero.

“I think traditionally, a lot of the advisory panels consist of either the landlord or the occupier. And so the role we’re hoping to play is kind of the intermediary between the two,” Ms Hinde said. 

With both tenants and landlords primarily occupied with their own operational emissions, rather than the asset as a whole, sometimes they overlap and sometimes they miss the mark, Ms Hinde said. 

She explained that agents have a unique insight, overseeing a range of activities from both sides of the table, and were able to intervene at opportune moments, be it during lease agreements or otherwise, to achieve better outcomes for assets. 

Another aim for Colliers is to integrate their third party digital platform, used to monitor their properties, with existing platforms used by the likes of the GBCA, NABERS and GRESB.

“So when it comes time to provide that annual update or provide a carbon footprint benchmark for example, we’ve got the data already there from the building so we can just push it to who is asking for it from those parties,” Ms Hinde said.

Ms Hinde joined Colliers in July this year, after more than six years with JLL, most recently as strategic sustainability director.

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  1. This is great news.
    Agencies have traditionally had no understanding of the importance of sustainability to tenants. Let’s hope that sustainability issues are given the time they deserve, given the direct relationship between sustainability, comfort & operational costs.