How the digital world for buildings can deliver sustainable realities

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Next Tuesday, breakfast time, The Fifth Estate will launch our new style of event, a symposium. Our first topic will be on how the digital world can deliver sustainable realities – through building information modelling or BIM, and its associated technologies and capabilities, promising to change our world.

Cory Banks

Our speakers are among the most highly sought after leaders in their field:

  • Chris Tate from BVN
  • Toby Maple from AECOM
  • Cory Banks from Microsoft
  • Alex Harrington from University of Sydney’s Warren Centre

Our sponsors are Newforma as major sponsor, and JLL as event host.

We will build another ebook around the information and knowledge shared at the event and related issues so all our readers can share in knowledge we glean.

Event Details  

  • Alex Harrington

    Hot breakfast plus Toby’s Estate espresso with grappa

  • JLL Offices, Level 25, 420 George Street, Sydney 
  • Tuesday 20 October
  • 7:30am for 8am to 10 am.

The speakers 

Cory Banks, Microsoft, principal consultant, adoption and change management will explain how to integrate technology successfully into the business strategy. How do you get the CEO excited? Whats the language that resonates? 

Alex Harrington, chief executive at the University of Sydney’s Warren Centre will provide the introduction – a quick paced step through the big picture on what’s happening with engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence that will impact on the built environment.

Chris Tate

Toby Maple AECOM NSW, BIM Lead will talk about the integration of digital tech in business and take up in the industry. How hard it is to integrate systems such as Revit? What are some of the solutions? What are governments doing in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia (or not doing)? 

Chris Tate,  BVN, practice director, information & design technology will talk about the trends. Architecture or digital firm these days and how to bring the clients with you to make sure everything you learn “can be applied to the next five projects”. He will also discuss integrating Moore’s Law in your business and address some of the challenges and complexity in the information management systems.

So what exactly is the capacity of the digital world? Most people even at senior levels can even begin to grasp its potential.

Toby Maple

Here’s why this event is important.

In every part of our built environment there are extraordinary demands and ambitions growing more imposing by the day: climate change resilience, resource efficiency, renewable energy, healthier more productive workplaces, economic and social dividends… the list goes on

In parallel with these demands we are witnessing the most sophisticated evolving technology imaginable.

At the same time there are pressures from investors and a range of governance and community stakeholders for better, greener, more productive and responsible workplaces and precincts.

Above any other sector it will be the building and development industries that will be asked to deliver on expectations.

At no time in human history has the pace of change been faster.

symposium, noun

  •  A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.
  • drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato)
  • A breakfast with coffee and grappa

In homage to Plato whose symposia always involved intellectual discussion in combination with drinking, we’ll offer a little something to add to your morning espresso, since it’s too early for wine. And thanks to our event hosts, JLL, there will be a hot breakfast to help ease our delegates into the discussions.

Speaker profiles

Cory Banks has been helping organisations to better leverage what they know in Australia, North America, Europe and the Middle East over the last 15 years. He is currently a Principal Consultant in the Adoption and Change Management practice at Microsoft. Previous to this Cory has worked with AECOM, ARENA, John Holland, the Global Carbon Capture Storage Institute and Arrow Energy on the adoption of collaboration practices and platforms to support the achievement of business outcomes.

In a previous life Cory spent five years with Parsons Brinckerhoff as the Knowledge Manager and then the Executive Knowledge and Business Improvement. He currently sits on the board of the Institute of Information Management and the Australian Knowledge Management Society.

Alex Harrington is a fluid and inspirational speaker who will paint an exciting view of the world of engineering, high technology and robotics, and what they will mean for the built environment.

Right now, she says, there are two robots on either side of a river, working towards each other, in mid-air. Soon they will meet, on a completed bridge. There is the internet of things demanding to be integrated into all that we design and build.

From her perspective at the Warren Centre, Alex is in the unique and exciting position to be delving deeply into the most advanced thinking on the planet. Her background as a scientist and as sustainability lead for DEXUS means Alex is skilled in the language of how we design and construct our built environment, as well as the development and business parameters that drive it.

Toby Maple is at the forefront of connecting the digital world to organisations that use it. And that’s not always simple.

At one of his last places of work, Woolworths, where he was Revit Systems Manager, one simple solution was to get rid of the old, bring in the new. In another previous role, at Hassell for six years, Toby worked first hand at integrating digital technology into the design and delivery of buildings.

Toby is also one of the core group of committed people who are determined to build capacity in the industry overall, focused strongly on a collaborative and collegiate attitude to the work of taking Australia to the highest global competitive platforms. He is chair of the industry’s lead body, Collaborate ANZ, and he recently chaired the AIA/Consult Australia “BIM and IPD” Outreach working group.

Chris Tate of BVN is in the business of what’s possible and taking a sophisticated architectural practice with him. Chris, another major player in capacity building for the industry, sees his job as educating clients and the wider industry to learn about the amazing potential on offer. “It’s not about the project people are working on right now,” he says, “it’s about the next five projects”.

“There should be a demonstrated progression across each of those.”

This includes not just adding sensors or acquiring an app. Information assets are not valuable unless they are read in the context of everything around them, he says.

The potential from a sustainability angle is immense. How about taking all the environmental learning from one building and feeding it into the next?

Get Moore’s Law going.

 “There’s no stopping technology” – UN Climate leader Christiana Figueras, The Fifth Estate, May 2015 

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