Cooling towers can account for 50 per cent of building water use

3 July 2014 — The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating has released a video on water conservation and efficiency in cooling towers for building owners and operators.

The video, Maintain your cool, presents viewers with ways to reduce cooling tower water consumption, which can account for up to half of a building’s total water use.

“Considering the increasing cost of water and concern for its future scarcity, we really need to think about managing and reducing cooling tower water consumption where possible,” AIRAH chief operating officer Neil Cox said.

Neil Cox

The video is a complement to best practice guidelines developed by AIRAH on the matter, Water conservation in cooling towers.

Along with the video and best practice guidelines, AIRAH has also developed case studies, an online cooling tower calculator and training.

Specifically aimed at building owners and operators, the video assists in reducing the water consumption of cooling systems while maintaining performance.

“Our aim, with the video, is to identify how a cooling tower consumes water, and outline a series of best-practice recommendations to assist tower operators or water treatment service providers in reducing the tower’s overall water consumption,” Mr Cox said.

The video uses Federation Square in Melbourne as a case study, which has achieved substantial water consumption reductions by looking at its cycles of concentration. It also looks by at 1 Spring Street, a conference centre in the heart of Melbourne, and takes a look at the building’s tower and operators in action.

The video was produced by AIRAH in conjunction with the Victorian government.