100 St Georges Terrace

Water use monitoring, sub-metering, low-flush toilets, waterless urinals and improved cooling tower management have led seven Perth office towers to be first to achieve “waterwise” status as part of Perth’s new Waterwise Office Program, a joint initiative by the Property Council, the Water Corporation and the City of Perth.

The measures taken by the buildings are set to reduce collective water use by 43 million litres a year.

The offices are Albert Facey House, Council House, Dumas House, the John Tonkin Water Centre, 1 Adelaide Terrace, 151 Royal Street and 100 St Georges Terrace.

“Owners and managers of commercial office buildings are stepping up to be leaders in water efficiency, just like they have for many years with energy,” Property Council of Australia WA executive director Joe Lenzo said.

“This is another example of the leadership role that the commercial property sector is taking in delivering environmental sustainability.

“All of Perth’s new commercial buildings are built to high standards, and an increasing number of our older buildings are being upgraded to achieve higher environmental ratings. This is a result of owners and tenants seeking lower water and energy bills, as well as competition between buildings seeking new tenants.”

WA water minister Mia Davies said office buildings in Perth used 1.5 billion litres of water a year, enough for 6000 homes.

“Often we focus on what households can do to save water, but it’s important for businesses to also do their bit and this program shows them how,” she said.

The program provides building owners and managers with a tool to assess water use in their buildings and to identify and implement changes to create water savings.

“It also illustrates the property sector’s commitment to our state’s water future and I look forward to many more offices enrolling in the program and being recognised in the future,” Ms Davies said.